3 new Kinetix Design Group Apps Coming!

It’s been a busy week, but three new apps have been submitted to Apple for review this week.  Word on the street is that Apple’s App Store approval process is much improved and quicker, so lets hope that the case.  Maybe one will be in the store next week.  Our website is getting updated to show the three new applications.  So what are they?  Glad you asked and hope you are excited about them.


iVibraslap is a silly app that lets you shake your iPhone to play the vibraslap.  If you’re not familiar with a vibraslap, its a latin percussion instrument.  You’ve probably heard it in songs such as “Crazy Train”, or almost any song by Cake.  The app has been completed for quite some time.  Originally, I didn’t plan to release it due to its silliness, but there has been a lot of encouragement.  It seems to put smiles on faces, so we’re hoping you’ll enjoy it as well.  Check out the details on the iVibraslap page.

SalonPerm & SalonFormula

If you are a cosmetologist you’ll enjoy these apps.  SalonPerm lets you track perms that you give customers, while SalonFormula tracks color cards for hair coloring.  It should replace your color cards and notebooks keeping track of what you’ve done for each customer.  Initial feedback from several stylists has been great.  If you have any ideas for improvement, drop us an email at info@kinetixdesigngroup.com.  More information is our the SalonPerm and SalonFormula webpages!

Oh, almost forgot to mention….they are all free!  Stay tuned for when they make it into the store!

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